📌Calling out all Working Holiday Visa Holders!
Great News, last week the Immigration NZ announced they will be reopening the Working Holiday Visa schemes gradually, and start processing applications again.
But the best news are for those of you who had already applied and were previously holding a Working Holiday Visa before Covid-19 and border closures. Immigration NZ will be reissuing these visas!
So if you had a valid WHV and were not able travel to New Zealand because of the Covid-19/border restrictions, you will be contacted by INZ and you will have another chance to come.
👉 This means it is your chance to come to New Zealand and join the Kiwifruit Picking Season with us. If you are currently holding a working holiday visa and planing to come to New Zealand soon, you can apply online from your home country, send us your passport/visa details and get hired before landing!
That way you can come for your work and travel scheme without having to waste your precious time in New Zealand looking for jobs. Start working and earning from Day One!
Simply send your documents the manpower.cv@gmail.com
Enjoy your working holiday time in New Zealand, apply today and have the Kiwifruit Experience only New Zealand and Garcia can offer!
Have a safe trip!
*For more information about your eligibility to the new Working Holiday Visa, please visit Immigration New Zealand website: https://www.immigration.govt.nz/…/working-holiday…