Golden Opportunity Reach Europe through Genuine Process

Countries : Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Romania

Client Interview for Europe in December 2020 -Jan 2021

Positions Available

  1. Warehouse Workers / Warehouse Operators
  2. Construction Workers
  3. Ship Building Staff
  4. Dairy Farm / Animal Farm Workers
  5. Factory Workers
  6. Welders
  7. Electricians
  8. Agriculture Workers
  9. Tailors
  10. Seasonal Works
  11. Forest workers
  12. Heavy Drivers
  13. Fish Workers
  14. Mechanics (Machines, Car, Heavy Equipment’s)
  15. Port Workers (Ship Loading Unloading works, Ship Cleaning, painting)
  16. Hospitality Workers (Waiter, Dishwasher, Cook)

To Attend Interview Candidate has to send their documents of Email and Submit Their original Passport in the office.

Documents: Resume in EU Format, Skill Diploma/Vocational Training Certificates, Educational Certificates, Passport scan, Experience Letters, Passport Size photo. All documents should be verifiable.

More Detail Call: +917309823180 / +918112597093

Note : Service Charge Applicable