In connection with the expansion of its activities, RLG Bulgaria Ltd., part of the Rudolph Logistik Gruppe, is looking for international drivers with experience in team management in the European Union.

1. Experience.
2. Desire to work in a team (in pairs) with a truck weighing more than 12.5 tons.
3. Category C + E, digital card, passport, ADR – basic course, card of professional qualifications, valid certificate of psychological fitness.
4. Knowledge of driving directives and rules and rest time, work with CMR invoices.

The company offers:
1. Labor contract + insurance (second category of labor).
2. Teamwork to manage new Mercedes and MAN Euro 6+ vehicles. Compliance with management regulations according to 561/2006.
3. Circular relationship with light cargo (auto parts) in the EU + Norway, Switzerland with one loading address and one unloading address (no groupage shipments).
4. A holiday home for a break at our base in Germany (bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, laundry). Accommodation in hotels at the expense of the company during 45-hour breaks outside the base.
5. Payment: Salary + business trip + monthly bonuses. EARNING OPPORTUNITY EXCEEDS THE INDUSTRY IN THE INDUSTRY.
6. Work schedule:
– A month on a business trip – up to 2 weeks in Bulgaria;
– Two months on a business trip – up to 3 weeks in Bulgaria;
– Three months on a business trip – up to 4 weeks in Bulgaria;
– On a business trip over 3 months – individual rest.
7. Business transportation to Germany and back.
8. Working with Bulgarian dispatchers.