Spanish Temporary Residence Permit or Spain Residence Visa is the document, issued to a citizen of a non-EU country, which gives you opportunities to immigrate, live and work in Spain and Schengen area countries, during the entire time of the document validity.

Anyone arriving in Spain with the intention of staying longer than three months requires a Residence Visa (Visado de Residencia). This must be requested from and issued by the Spanish Embassy of the applicant’s home country, before coming to Spain.

It is different to the standard 90-day Schengen visa and in that it allows the holder to begin the residency application process. Application for residency is not typically accepted from anyone arriving on a Schengen visa to Spain territory.

There are 2 places where applications are accepted: Foreigner’s Office or the local Spanish police station in the province of intended residence.

Category : Employment 
Fee      : 5500 Euro (Advanced 2000 Euro)
Family.  : Wife - 4000 Euro , Kids - 3000 Euro (Advanced 2000 Euro and 1500 Euro)