A temporary residence entitles you to stay in the territory of the Slo- vak Republic and travel abroad and back within the period for which it was granted.

It is always granted for only one specific purpose and only exception- ally entitles you to perform other activities as well.

Lawyers of Legal Baltic advise and help to collect all the documents necessary for the Sole trader registration , company registration , work permit and residence permit in Slovakia, as well as for its future activities on the territory of Slovakia.

The immigration department usually produces decision within 90 days of application.

For the first time temporary residence may be granted for one and half year and will be extended repeatedly for every two years.
When the decision is approved, Our Representative / Law Partner can pickup, temporary residence permit card and send it to applicant by regis- tered trackable post. ( by the power of attorney )

Category : Business activities 
Fee      : 6000 Euro (3000 Euro Advanced) 
Family   : Wife - 4000 Euro , Kids 2900 Euro (Advanced as per Required)